© Photography by Daniel Clee
LIMITED EDITION: Beautifully presented on 300gsm paper (the feel of card), and
silkfinish, each stunning photograph taken in its respective month and
reproduced here in landscape perspective (35cm x 20cm or 13 5/6 x 7 5/6 inches),
your home town as you’ve never seen her before.

All in all, a 1st class item.

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‘Sleeve Notes’ for the Wellingborough Calendar 2015,

It all starts with getting out there, searching the nooks & crannies and
photographing twelve stunning Images, so who would have thought that
Wellingborough could have its own fabulous, 1st class calendar?  While
preparing this collection of shots of the town, prior to going to press I
showed them to an Italian friend.  She said, “I saw the pics, amazing
places.  I don’t understand why you Brits travel distances to see exotic
places, when you have such stunning landscapes over here.”  It takes an
outsider to see that this small market town here in the middle of England
has sincere charm.  Twenty years ago I left for London ‘Dick Whittington’-
style, the streets paved with gold an’ all that.  I now have the cat, though
not so sure about the fame & fortune bit.  Still, it was with the ‘insider-
outsider’ mentality that I approached this project.  Knowing where to look
to get the shots was never an issue.  I was born at 26 Poplar Street.  The
grand house opposite - Willowtree House, no.7 - was my Grandma’s during
the War.  The Poplars house at the top of The Avenue was my nursery
school, and I went to The Avenue Infants School.  In a heartbeat... a
magical spot.  The November shot was the first taken.  Then came
December and the sublime sunset over Eastfield Park.  In December you will
always see two awe-inspiring sunsets, though you never know when, so I
waited for a week before the moment arrived.  “That’s two in the can.” 
Next, January... what to do?  Well, Wellingborough is synonymous with
swans, and this is how the Calendar shall start.  So, “That’s three in the
can.”  Each Image being true to its respective month, this body of work
represents my feelings - my response - to my home town.  I’m pleased with
it, and hope you enjoy it, too.  Artistically, it is doubtful I can produce such
another coherent collection for a different year, and yet there is no reason
why “The Wellingborough Calendar” should not continue as a new tradition
in the making.  How? let’s leave for another day.  For now, though, and
throughout the entire 2015, let’s simply enjoy our charming little market
town set in the middle of England.

Happy New Year,

Daniel Clee