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I know this Mauritian, an amiable chap who has a knack of making
friends everywhere.  A Hindu, he’s from a Warrior caste; his wife is
a Brahmin.  He tells me he spent his younger days doing all the
things an irresponsible young man ought, then he met the woman
who was to become his wife and together they settled down.  Now
they have a son, whom they adore; but in the trying they went
through hell.

One day he asks me if I believe in the significance of dreams.  “I
would like to,” I say, “as I often have fantastical dreams.”  Silence. 
I stumble into a void.  Scrambling to fill it with theory, I add:
“Dreams are the brain’s way of filing away the day’s information. 
That kinda sounds right.”  Moments pass.  Finally, he recounts his
uneasy tale.  One night past, as he and his wife were trying for a
baby, they shared exactly the same dream.  A while later, she

It seemed inappropriate of me to ask him the content of their
dream.  That it was shared, harrowing, and what was soon to
follow would convince anyone that dreams carry meaning.

We dream in symbols.  Symbols have meaning, and yet dreams are
as whispers - difficult to hold once morning sunshine and the joys
and cares of our lives reflood our waking consciousness.  Below
you will find links to some of my own grasped, though fleeting, and
uninterpreted pictures in the dark.