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“You can make anything by writing.”
                                ~ C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)
The Imaginative Tone

We all are aware that creative activities for children enhance their
progress in academic subjects.  Literature, music, art and dance add
a vibrant, colourful dimension to their worldview and approach to

Storytelling and emotion are key.  The awareness of narrative
underlines all creative arts, and in a certain sense words provide the
key to translating the treasures of the imagination.

Maybe your child enjoys English at school, or maybe not?  Either
way, I offer a course of techniques to develop his or her writing
style, sensitivity and focus, and a boost in confidence leading to
writing success.  The secret is to know how to put down on paper
the meaningful symbols playing in our minds.

My energy and love of writing is clear.  Take a roam around my

I set manageable goals for each personality, and with patience and a
listening ear will mentor them through their tasks.

North London-based (N3), CRB checked.

References available.

Rate: £35 per hour
I M A G I N A T I V E   W R I T I N G   F O R   C H I L D R E N