“There’s nothing more important in making movies than the
        ~ Richard Attenborough (1923-2014)

“I don’t care who you are.  When you sit down to write the first page of
your Screenplay, in your head you’re also writing your Oscar acceptance
        ~ Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

“You’re torn between wanting to fill in all the spaces and knowing that’s
really going to screw the Screenplay.  And yet how are you going to
communicate it to people who really don’t understand the process?”
        ~ Robert Towne (1934-    )

“If you want to step outside and try to figure out what the audience is
really gonna like, I can still write circles around you - I can do it better. 
But if you make a film from your gut, about what you want to make a
film about, I can’t touch you.  Because if you really love those little kids,
if you are really torn by your father’s death, if you really write that silly
comedy in a wonderful way and it’s coming from inside you - I can’t
touch you, y’know?”
        ~ Tom Mankiewicz (1942-2010)

·  You think you have a story worth telling?
·  Would you like to write it in industry-standard
film script format?
·  Do you want to learn the deeper aspects of
Story, and how these come into contact with your

This course blends technical knowledge of screenwriting, the ‘Secrets of
the Muse’ (inspiration to create authentic, relatable characters, who live
and breathe in your imagination, and through whom you reveal your
story), and the elements you require in order to inform this industry
you’re a professional.

Each module costs £55 + VAT, includes full support.  Contact me now to
1-2-1 Tuition.

·  Genre, the housing for structure (the marketing of Story)

·  Understanding Character

·  Reading scripts, examples of bad writing, and Image & Rhythm in good

·  The Idea inside you, the Story you love and the argument/case/theme
you wish to state

·  Idea, Logline, Synopsis, Treatment & Script

·  Three-Act Structure & Beyond

·  Myth, Archetypes, Why we need story? and “The Hero’s Journey”

·  Four Essential Mythos

·  Spatial awareness

·  Authentic dialogue 

·  How To Accept Critique

·  Cine-literacy, discussions on originality
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