Would you like me to:

∑ Look at particular aspects of your projectís narrative and/or character development?
∑ Recommend sub-plots and themes to steer your story in a desired direction?
∑ Bring a fresh pair of eyes and review from scratch?

Essentially, it takes 3-4 working days to complete a full, professional appraisal,
comprising two read-throughs, report writing and revision.  Highlight reports can be
produced in less time.  The days need not be consecutive.  Creatives require to time
to reflect and explore hunches.  As with watching a film for the first time, the initial
reading of a script presents us with a journey, hopefully a compelling one, soundly
structured, full of surprises, and with a satisfying ending.  In analysis logic floats
around somewhere in our impressions, but we neednít be incisive until the second
reading, when hunches seek evidence, and for all manner of reasons we can tell
whether or not the present draft is a winner.

Third stage in the process is report composition.  There is a format to this, although
each project is unique and tailoring is required.  Revision wraps up things, an final
flourish.  It enables the Producer to make an informed decision as to how, why and
when he or she moves along the pre-production process.

Example Script Reports

The full service costs £245 + VAT.
Script Analysis Service
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