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Recently, I had a dream.  Like a bird, only more so, simply an enhanced
vantage point, I was flying across the universe, bounding from one star
system to the next.  The darkness was ineffable, along with the
accompanying audio din.  At first I felt afraid, alone, yet I soon became
aware of a presence beckoning me on to explore.  No words were
spoken.  The stars and their planets were both bright and dim (a
contradiction, certainly, but one I am aware of now, trying to recount
events some three weeks later).  My panorama was serene and
mesmerising, and against a backdrop of inscrutable darkness these
heavenly bodies were incomparably bright, perhaps a dimness thrown
on them so that I might see.  I absorbed as much beauty as I could
before being moved on to a new star system.  The audio bent and
warped as I was guided at brisk pace along vast distances in space. 
Now at another star system and the planetary revolutions around its
sun were highlighted by lines of reddish-gold revealing their elliptical
natures, and just for emphasis these ellipses stretched backwards and
forwards into gentle exaggerations.  Further at this point, the audio,
which had just before returned to its steady hum, made looping noises,
rather like those stretching, yawning, teasing comic-glissando strains
produced on violins in old Tom & Jerry cartoons.  I saw and I marvelled,
but did not understand.  Then I awoke.  My dream’s imagery was
produced by the fact that during this last year I have watched numerous
documentaries on the universe.  Therefore, while it is true to say that
the dream came to me, it is equally true that I had earlier approached
the dream with unfathomed intent.  We arrive at a point discussing
meaning, if indeed there is any.  Nevertheless my dream report ‘is not’
the dream, but an experience I am limited by words in sharing with you. 
What I wish is to ask is, “What can I do for you?”

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Star System Traveller
Excerpt from A Higgledy-Piggledy
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