ďThe HeistĒ
Part 4

Lord Brompton is a dangerous man.  When he was younger
he worked for a clandestine, private merchant bank.  He
travelled the world seeking out every lucrative business
opportunity he could find, forging ventures with any warlord,
landowner or local apparatchik who could help him secure
the kind of wealth he aspired to.  Many stories go
unconfirmed, but itís reckoned heís disposed of numerous
rivals over the years, quite often in a violent and bloody
fashion.  He has connections in all the right places.  He
knows the right people; he even knows their peccadilloes
and where to apply the thumbscrew.  It goes without saying,
he has lots of fingers in lots pies.  And he can call in a favour
at a momentís notice - believe me, the people who owe him
are not the sort you want to bump into one night down some
dark alley.

Now in his mid-50s the old dog has lost none of his mental
acuity.  Nor is he that much less nimble than he was in his
20s.  Heís sharp, tough, resourceful, and generally one all-
round mean mother-fucker.  Ms. Hunter, you were brave to
seduce him.  Letís hope he doesnít come after you once this
heist is over.  How you did it, though, was pretty slick.  If I
didnít know better something tells me you get a kick out of
wrapping up men.
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