“The Heist”
Part 7

This door looks massive, awesome.  I’m so bothered I don’t
care what logic says.  Lord Brompton whispers into the deep,
dark recesses of my mind: “Steal from me, son - and you’ll
wish you weren’t born.”  Must be voodoo, eh?  He doesn’t
know we’re here; you sweetened up the old man good and
proper, right?  I mean, I’ve looked at your arse, and it’s a
nice arse, but the old man’s no fool.  In all that time you
didn’t slip up once, no?  You’re looking at me now?  Yeah,
fuck I’m edgy.  But your eyes are so clear, so firm and
confident - so I punch in the code… 


The door moans, time halts in a heartbeat; only forward a
fraction.  Such a dangerous fraction; be still my pounding
heart.  Catch my breath.  Let’s move in.  Slowly, but not
before I pull out a small transmitting device from my utility
bag, firmly squeeze a small button.  A distant thudder
resonates, moves through us and onto infinity.

We must keep the gap as slim as possible.  Squeeze on
through, it’s tight.  And now we’re in.  The study is large,
stately, sober, and yet somehow cosy.  Sumptuous curtains
balance and augment a crested window on the far side,
presently hammered by pelting rain.  Dark shadows of water
cascade down rows upon rows of stiff, leather-bound books
formidably arranged on shelves to the left - meant to
impose, no doubt, under groupings such as “The Classics”,
“History”, “Philosophy”, et al.  The grand furniture radiates a
lustre only old money finds acquaintance with; plush reds,
purples and greens accentuated by brooding depths to brassy
shines - handles crafted by masters.  Those big comfy chairs
soak up many an hour of study and contemplation.  And
naturally the small touches; the correct lamp, the quaint
coffee table, plants and greenery, all make for a distinctly
pleasant setting.  Finally, there’s the desk - the room’s focus. 
It’s to the right of the window.  Behind it, tucked away
beyond some grey, old ancestor’s portrait, is the safe.  That’s
the one. 

First we must disarm the cameras.
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