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The Willow Tree is the Zeitgeist America-to-India/baseball-to-
cricket movie project, all vibrancy and colour, captivating beyond
even the leap of imagination to “The Natural meets Field of
Dreams meets Lagaan”, that sets the stage for India to unveil her
intriguing, complex dimension to American audiences, where the
nation’s passion for cricket runs deeper than America’s own for
baseball, and where Indian and American sportsmen go head to
head, putting aside their differences and an unwelcome
involvement in a huge betting scam, to focus on the only thing
worthwhile - to play with honesty and sincerity.

The first quarter of the story is rooted in the American tradition
of baseball, the second quarter adapts to cricket in England, and
the second glorious half covers blistering hot Twenty20 cricket
action in India.  We’re transported from small-town USA to LA,
on to London, then New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.  The
panorama is stunning, the canvass epic, with the intention to
draw in two mega-audiences and deliver an authentic cinematic

The narrative structure has been adopted to more readily convey
American audiences to the heady world of Indian cricket, and the
Screenplay contains the very elements required to appeal to a
broad audience: love, families, friendships, exotic locales, money,
villainy, honour, choices, doing the right thing, passion and

Love of ‘bat & ball’ unites the three great cultures of America,
England and India, and delving deep into our story’s heart we
reveal a theme of Universal resonance. 

Our Heroes must rediscover the love of playing simply
for the love of playing.
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Promo Reel 1
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Target Audience
3-Acts, Key Scenes
Bollywood meets Hollywood, Part 1 - “Bollywood Glamour”
Bollywood meets Hollywood, Part 2 - Poverty And
Destitution Beyond Understanding
Bollywood meets Hollywood, Part 3 - India’s Lyrical,
Mystical Quality
Conversations with American Producers
Documents (Screenplay and Synopsis)
provide a visual flavour
of Story...